Monday, October 22, 2012

Guest blogger

I was recently featured on Accepted's website as a guest blogger and am sharing here a sneak peek.  Since I haven't spoken in awhile about why I want an MBA, I am posting that snippet here to give you a taste.  

You can find the rest of my comments about my application oddities, forum anxieties, and other topics at this link. Enjoy!

Accepted: Wy do you want an MBA? What are some of your goals and how will an MBA help you achieve them?

 Sassafras: Simply put, I want to see young people in the United States thrive and grow up to be successful, in whatever ways they define success for themselves. I see a major lack of collaboration and cooperation among schools, government, non-profits, and foundations (or any kind of private sector supporting arm), and I think that disjointedness is holding back the field. My goal is to support schools through networked resources that provide holistic services for the entire family. We can’t address educational inequality without simultaneously tackling issues of poverty, illiteracy, hunger, and homelessness. There’s some really cool work being done around this at the federal level, and I am expecting b-school to help me build on my leadership skills and management knowledge to further this movement.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out and interview! While I certainly enjoyed reading about your goals, I felt your comments about "forum anxiety" and the so-called "black box" of admissions were particularly insightful.

    Thanks again.

    Linda Abraham