Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Devil's Playground

They say that idle hands are the devil's playground.  Well, I've been trying to find ways to stay away from the tempting swingsets, jungle gyms, and sandboxes.  Sometimes I fail miserably and end up refreshing my inbox with as much fervor as a cat fixated on a rubber mouse. But other times, I am gleefully lost in the world of my own imagining.  So how do I pass the time? Here are my top 10 methods.  What are yours?

1) Blog.  Yes, indeed.  My boredom and restlessness are relieved from sitting at my computer and brainstorming new topics to write about.  Honestly, there's nothing more satisfying than streamlining my thoughts into nice little bloggy bundles and then wrapping them up with cute little graphics.

2) Play Soccer (plus). I play soccer once or twice a week.  It's not enough for me just to play, I also sit on the board of the non-profit that organizes our games.  More aptly put, I'm the president and a bossy one at that.  Whether it's planning local tournaments, organizing our participation in the World Out Games (here we come, Antwerp!), or just plain kicking the ball around, I'm busy with soccer. Playing sports and being bossy are great sublimation techniques; combined, they're a true force. 

3) Cook.  I am not a fabulous cook, but I like baking and making ice-cream.  While my boyfriend deals with vegetables and meats, I'm busy whipping eggs, melting butter, and freezing cream. It's amazing how quickly time flies. This is not the cheapest habit in San Francisco where milk and eggs are 3x the rate in other cities...

4) Pick fights.  Ok, this is what I meant by the Devil's Playground.  I have this problem that when I'm bored I pick fights with my boyfriend.  Poor thing.  It does pass the time, but it is NOT highly recommended.  

5) Plan my summer.  More to come on this for sure, but I have to say, it's one great way to pass the time.  I'm looking at quitting my job in May or June and taking a month or so off to travel.  Woohoo!

6) Be a news junkie.  I read a ton of news.  Anything to stay away from b-school forums. 

7) Prepare for interviews.  There's always more work that can be done for business school! Prepare yourself for interviews, talk to alums and current students, and review your notes for those interviews.

8) Play video games.  This item is not so much recommendation as fact.  I'm a bit of a nerd.

9) Watch and rewatch great TV series.  Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica.  Sadly, these run out quickly and I end up watching mediocre and trashy TV series. Yes, you know what I'm talking about.

10) Be myself.  Wait what? Is this advice for effective essay writing and interviewing?  No, but really, I somehow stop being myself and hyper-fixate on this horrible process.  Then I remember that I enjoy things like hanging out with friends, seeing movies, eating out, and doing all the stuff listed above.  I hate that I've turned into a horrible automaton programmed for only one task.   Snap out of it, man!

This was good practice for the Duke essay...hmmmm.

1 comment:

  1. *nodding* yup.
    blogging, check.
    playing sports, check.
    envisioning a summer freed from the shackles of work, check.
    keeping up with news, "FISCAL CLIFF!!", check.
    PS3, check.
    Walking Dead, how 'bout that interrogation scene? check!!!!!
    alas, there are R2 apps to begin/prepare for... reality check.