Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blogs a-gogo

After fastidiously following ClearAdmit's Friday's From the Frontline, I was inspired to begin my own blog.  Here I am now, a little over a year later, a nominee for the title of Best of Blogging. 

Totes cool. Vote for me (and other wonderful bloggers!) HERE!

In other news, things are still a delightful imitation of a runaway train, a frightening acceleration to the end of my San Francisco chapter.  I'm trying to remember that my departure is hardly final - and in fact, because we've struggled to find my replacement at work, I may be coming back for a week in July to train this new person.  People keep asking me if I'll come back to SF, and well, the short answer is yes, the long answer is, hopefully, but I'm just not sure when. 

On a personal note, I can't believe how different my life is right now from where it was a year ago.  People apply for an MBA for many reasons, but I can say with confidence that probably every person feels stagnated and needs a boost - whether it's professional or personal.  I was definitely in that place last year, and can't believe how excited I feel about this next step. As I see the new blogs cropping up here and there beginning the process, I can't help but groan a bit with a phantom pain that has long since departed.  I am free of the application process. And the strickening anxiety that came with it.  I don't know how people deal applying over multiple rounds (or years for that matter!).

So here I am on the other side of the coin, thrilled to have that world behind me, but also heartened by the new bloggers who have surfaced to document their lives.  I hope it gives them as much solace as it did me.  

Best of luck to all the BOBers, err "best-of-bloggers" in this year's competition!

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