Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's not just in my head

View of Yale's Campus from 300 feet

As I sit here in my hotel in New Haven, a few days after Memorial Day weekend, it dawns on me that I just celebrated my one-year GMAT anniversary.  The week after I took my GMAT, I kept wondering if it was really true - was I really done with the test? Was my score real and valid?  I can't help but find myself asking those same questions of myself: did I really get into business school this year?

My incredulity should have been erased ages ago, but for some reason, I keep wondering to myself - did this really work out?

It's that superstitious side of me that makes me wonder when the other shoe is going to drop.  I'm so excited about what's coming ahead; I feel blessed and elated about the prospects of two years at Yale.  And yet, did I misread my admissions letter? Did they actually reject me?

The steps after I got in should have more than solidified my confidence that I wasn't making this up, but it's not until I sit here on the verge of signing a lease in New Haven, wondering if I should call Yale SOM admissions to make sure I am truly enrolled, that I have to laugh. I am here, I did this, but really? Is it possible?  It's somewhat laughable, but I am also touched by my own fear that I have created an alternate reality, a delusion in which I am a business school student. As I mentioned in previous posts, this is really not where I saw myself heading two years ago.

So what's happened since I've gotten here? Here's a list of items that should have proven my admission:
  • Congratulations letter from SOM (which I check and re-check every couple weeks)
  • Phone calls from current students
  • San Francisco admitted student receptions
  • Payment of my deposit
  • Assignments to do summer pre-work (accounting and spreadsheet modeling, wohoo!)
  • Welcome Weekend on Yale's campus
  • And finally: a trip to New Haven to sign a lease!
And there's still much left to do: figure out my loans, my travel plans to New Haven, those FUN homework assignments. The great news it that they stand as another reminder that this is truly the path I am on.  Or as the headline of this post proclaims: really, dude, business school is not just a figment of your imagination.  

The loan situation is really killing me right now.  I am buried in mountains of work, and I haven't had time to do my due diligence and start applying for loans. As the clock ticks, the pressure is another helpful reminder that I am a prospective MBA.  


  1. what did you decide... east rock or downtown?

    1. Ended up choosing downtown!

    2. awesome. i ended up in east rock but there were tons of great apts in both places. congrats! i felt a ton better / more "settled" once i had my housing situation handled :)

    3. Agreed. I feel so relieved! Did we meet during admit student weekend? I'm trying to guess who you are!

  2. Alright, now that you have some time in town, go to Caseus. Right now. Go!

    1. Haha. I've long since left New Haven. But I'm sure I'll get a chance soon!