Sunday, September 22, 2013


Hello world! I hope you haven't given up on me in my extended absence.  For what it's worth, I haven't given up on you!

There's a ton to say (which naturally results from there having had a ton to do!), so I'm going to break up the past month of craziness into a few posts.  Today though, I want to talk about transition - that unsettled feeling that inevitably crops up during change and the multitude of changes that will take place during the first month of school!

I've felt like a speckled frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad.  Only instead of plopping forward because I've run out of delicious flies, the lily pad has been yanked from beneath me and I must jump for dear life.
I came to business school to shake things up, to root out the ennui and to surface new and exciting opportunities.  And it's amazing how getting what you want can be so all-consuming and intense!  

To be completely honest - it's been a blast.  I love the fast-paced atmosphere and all the interesting people I've been meeting.  Novelty combined with awesome new classmates has created a distinct and loving camaraderie that makes this place so special. But it's been tough - every time I find my groove, a new piece of the puzzle gets thrown in.  I actually think the layering of activities and challenges is quite nice and helps ease the transition a bit.  

Lily Pad 1: Orientation

Orientation was a whirlwind - we were quickly engulfed by 20 new resources (platforms to help us with our careers, academics, technology needs...), yo-yo'ed between nightly parties and trust games, and thrust into the thick of a case competition. It was an incredibly fast and intense overview of the resources of business school: our peers and our administration.  Something was missing though...

Lily Pad 2: Classes

Oh right, classes.  And Yale is all about shoveling as much into our brains this first quarter as possible so we are all more or less "on the same page" before the core.  Yes, the core before the true core (as I've taken to calling it) includes 8 different classes.  Now, keep in mind that we're on a quarter system and the fact that some of our courses are not even the full quarter.  That said, this is some kind of US high school timewarp, only this time, I don't have any free periods!  That said, I love how academically focused the school is.  Too often business schools are derided as bastions of drinking and play without any real substance.  Yale definitely does not fall into that category.  This quarter we are taking Economics, Probability and Statistics, Accounting, Leadership (meets weekly), Careers (meets weekly), Spreadsheet Modeling (1/2 class), Problem Framing (2/3 class), and Game Theory (1/3 class).  

Lily Pad 3: Clubs

So you come to school knowing that you'll have orientation and then classes, but clubs crept up on me. The second years had been waiting to wrench away the lily pad to reveal a swath of new and interesting opportunities.  Every club seems to offer leadership roles, career support, case competitions, job treks, you name it.  It's really quite astounding, and it's obvious to me already that clubs are as essential to the MBA experience as any classes. They bring us together by personal interest (e.g. sports and identity-based clubs) and professional goals (e.g. education, technology, consulting, etc.). 

Lily Pad 4: Career Development

Did I mention that through it all we've been undergoing trainings on professional polish, resume development, and internship search? Well, all that's going to be coming to a head as we begin meeting one-on-one with our professional coaches (skill-based coaching), relationship managers (job-related coaching), and second years (advice and information sharing). We'll be throwing ourselves headlong into this chapter soon as we begin crafting our stories and positioning ourselves for that perfect internship.

Lily Pad 5: Next up is...?

I don't know about you, but when I heard that business school students were busy, I didn't totally understand.  Hopefully this post helps shed some light on the multitude of opportunities and activities!


  1. Great to hear an update from you! It's encouraging to hear that some schools are more academically focused. It's a big turn off for me to see bschool brochures and other recruitment materials featuring hundreds of their students drinking and partying's just not what I'm looking for. And it doesn't help that I've got that Asian gene that makes drinking just an embarrassing experience ;) Looking forward to hearing more about Yale!

  2. Thanks for the comment - and it's great to see another non-profit blogger in the blogosphere! I look forward to learning more about you and hope you'll come visit us here. Best of luck!

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